April 15, 2024

Staff Augmentation for Tech Startups – What, Why and How?

So you have a great idea. But if you don’t have people to make that idea alive, it will remain an idea that could have had a huge success.

Often, in the startup world, most in-house resources are already stretched. As a result, for most of us, staff augmentation is the only viable option to bring great ideas to life.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a business strategy that enables you to employ tech resources internationally and manage your augmented gathering effectively. This augmented team works closely with your team on-premise.

The important factor that one should consider while Choosing staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a simple method to begin with, particularly when working with a trusted advancement accomplice/partner. Few factors which are important to agree on while enabling staff augmentation.

  • Communication

Correspondence is critical in any software Development venture. At, Blobstation we suggest direct contact with each of the virtual team members.

  • Development approach

At the point when you have a characterized way to deal with programming advancement, inward and outside resources realize what is normal and their functions in the task. At Blobstation, we are working on main principle of defining a program development approach in a result-oriented way.

  • Role of Project manager & Team Leader

Defined roles and responsibilities for remote team members help bring clarity across the team. Undertaking supervisors and group pioneers of Blobstation can keep errands on target and the resources will know who they should converse with when sharing ideas.

  • Sharing of tools.

As a splendid working unit-Blobstation uses adding or fitting developers to your system rather than staff growth affiliation’s gadget. You may need to return and overview the nuances of the endeavor or your gathering may have requests as they continue managing their segments.

  • Reporting the code

Reporting the code makes it simpler to investigate or search for bugs. It likewise is fundamental for the future when you have to make updates. If we are talking about futuristic ideation of programming, Blobstation is working hard & following best practices for it.

  • Flexibility

Teams by and large work better when you empower input and are eager to tune in to recommendations. Staff Augmentation helps you to empower your team's strength, not only for the number of members in the team but also for the versatility & specialities they have.

Why is IT staff Augmentation better than Freelancing/ Project Outsourcing?

It Staff Augmentation vs Out Sourcing
  • Transparency

You can consider the unwavering quality and trust factor also. There is proof of their advancement of work over the span of undertaking through straightforwardness, making it simpler to design and plan project conveyance.

  • Signature on Terms and conditions before start working

A Freelancing organization probably won’t be enthused about signing the terms and conditions anytime of work, however, an agency that gives you staff to add to your group would definitely have a proper agreement that you can sign.

  • Better Control Management

When working with an augmented group, you have administrative power over the group; this way you can upgrade the quality of your work. The undertaking happens in-house, so there is complete integration with the inside group.

  • Lesser Difference, Higher Outcome

The enlarged staff shows up at the workplace just for that specific venture, and they would return to another undertaking somewhere else once the current one is ready for action.

  • Long term Commitment

The enlarged staff show up at the workplace just for that specific venture, and they would return to another undertaking somewhere else once the current one is ready for action.

In a nutshell, Through Staff Augmentation, small businesses can sustain themselves by taking advantage of the outsourcing model. By having this model, one can easily cut operational costs while still maintaining complete control over the project. Blobstation’s expertise in Staff Augmentation is helping companies to get high quality resources.

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