April 15, 2024

Surviving the test of time: Deploying a web application for your business


With the COVID-19 crisis rising to an all-time high in 2020, the delivery and pickup service across all nations reduced dramatically. Several studies reveal that there has been a decline in revenue over five years, further hinting at the falling face of the courier industry. Considering the same, Blobstation recommends digitizing the business front and moving the siloed architecture to the online ecosystem. The given piece talks about the limitations posed by the physical business and the benefits of moving to the online delivery system.


  • 87% of Americans who use third-party online delivery services agree that it makes their lives easier.
  • 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.
  • 63% of consumers agree that it is more convenient to get delivery online.


  • The Global Courier and Local Delivery Services Market in the US market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% during the forecast period 2021-2023.

With sudden demand created in the e-commerce, healthcare, and retail sectors, enterprises are now actively looking for alternatives to their physical business. And hence, the need for online delivery/courier service.


Are you a local courier delivery business owner or have a restaurant? Let me ask you this, how has your business been in large parts of 2020 and even the ongoing 2021? Has the pandemic crisis affected your revenue? Surely, you just nodded your head and that’s no surprise. The statistics mentioned above clearly present the change manifested, credited to the pandemic. Even though there was demand, businesses failed to serve the needs of the customers.

Businesses that had a digital address survived the test of time but the same cannot be said for physical/local business owners. Not to mention that the only solution here is to go digital or build your online presence. For entrepreneurs with a local shop/business, this article might just be the turning point. Without much ado let’s get started.

Challenges faced

Before we move ahead to see what are the benefits of online delivery business, let’s have a quick look at the challenges faced by the local delivery business.

Inability to cope with delivery time: The crisis imposed significant limitations, restricting businesses from operating as usual. The local merchants found it hard to meet the expectations of the customers, failing to serve them right. This created a gap between the supplier and the customer, disrupting the business value.

Failure to offer what customers expect: Uncertainties took over the local businesses. Where customers wanted a channel that not only gives them the required products but also expects them to be quick. Waiting time was a huge factor in determining the success of a business. The offline merchants unaware of tech solutions were on the verge of closure.

Besides, increasing competition hit them hard. Survival became a question. In fact, many shops stopped functioning permanently.

Blobstation Proposal : Learning about the problems and miseries of local business owners, Blobstation thought of doing something that could initiate a change. And the best way to do this was through a digital portal. One that will act as the physical desk, gather details, share information, and guide customers to make a purchase. While brainstorming on the idea, we met VNP Transport.

About VNP Transport

A local business entity that assisted vendors in their shipment and delivery needs. They had a huge customer base with excellent returns. However as the epidemic turned to a pandemic and the restrictions grew stricter, they had to shut their business temporarily.

While the first few months went by, waiting for things to get back to normal, the time after that forced them to rethink their business model. That is to say, it was time to look for alternatives to ensure that they could get back in business. And we happened to connect with them.

Redesigning the business front

After a series of discussions and presentations, Blobstation offered them a responsive web application for their business. Unlike most of the delivery service websites (that are static), the VNP Transport application is meant to be flexible in terms of the service available, the type of delivery, booking appointments, and payments. To be precise, the interface would be business as well as customer-friendly.

The application has three major sections with respect to the delivery service.

1. Courier Delivery Service

Meant for the local businesses, and offline merchants that wish to deliver products to the customers. The application offers a simple interface wherein the business leaders can book or place an order without having to visit the offices physically. Select the type of service, add item details, enter the weight, and schedule a pick-up and delivery.

What’s best about the application is that it is 100% dynamic. Offering the ease to pick the type of delivery (same day, hour-based, etc), price calculations are automated. Besides, it also allows the merchants to add one or more tasks as per the need.

2. Restaurant Delivery Service

As the local business, the VNP Transport application is open for the restaurant owners as well. Ones that have had a physical address can now go for contactless delivery of food. In times when physical interaction is limited and people are reluctant in stepping outside their houses, dining in isn’t supported.

With the VNP Transport application, restaurant managers can now enhance their approach and go digital without spending much.

3. Customized Services

While the above two are job-specific, the third service is kept open giving the freedom to the users to schedule a pick-up and drop off items as and when needed. Customers can simply log in, select the service and fill in the details to schedule the delivery of goods.

Advantages of VNP Transport

  • Increased rate of local delivery.
  • More vendors signed up, kicking the local business ecosystem.
  • Contactless delivery eliminates worries about spreading the virus.
  • Friction-free delivery of goods across the city.
  • Dynamic interface with automated price calculations based on the material, distance, and delivery type.
  • Ease of releasing payments directly via the application.
  • Timely notifications and the ease to track the delivery.
  • Backend support for customer concerns and queries.


Digitizing your local business and going online is no longer a choice you make. Customers these days look for comfort and are happy paying more if required. Considering the challenges faced in times of uncertainty, every business now needs an alternative. And the digital store is exactly what fits the bill. Future-protect your business and stay at par with the industry trends, level up and create your business’s digital address.

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