April 15, 2024

How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for Your Project?

It’s an astonishing fact that to build a successful digital software product, you just need to pick the right tech stack. Wait what, build a successful digital software product? Yes, you heard it right. So, you’ll want to be more careful when choosing a web development stack for your next project. Respective of your choice, it could make or break situations for the functionality and user experience of the digital software product.

Whether we’re considering scalability, performance, availability, or security of a web application, you’ve to make sure you tie every knot as per the requirements. In particular, there are few factors that affect the outcome of your web application. With so many options available for tech stacks in recent times, opting for the right one for your web app is a thin line between the success & the failure of your web app.

  • What is Tech stack for web application development?

A technology stack is a bundle of programming languages, frameworks, and software that are used to build any application. Web app development with technology stacks is a perfect blend of specific components that make the web application fully functional.

  • Key Components of Technology Stack

If the car is running fast, the engine & the components are responsible for their speed. In the case of Technology stack, React, Angular & Vue are kinds of frontend components. For backend .net, php & Ruby are the main components. For database components there are PostgreSQL, MySQL, & MongoDB SQL.

Frontend Components

  • React

A JavaScript framework that allows developers to create web apps including JavaScript code and native by connecting dots between a web application & a targeted platform. Whether it’s in time-saving or in performance, React is a ready-to-go frontend framework.

  • Angular

Angular is a TypeScript based frontend framework. It is mainly known for its real DOM structure. DOM is a language-neutral programming interface that enables scripts & programs to build the whole structure, content, style of the web application document.

  • Vue

The youngest amongst all three frameworks that top the chart. The only drawback is Vue is not backed by a corporate giant. Vue individually creates a stunning impression as a highly scalable & flexible framework. The main strength of this framework is to eliminate the cons of Angular, React while picking up their pros.

Backend Components

  • .Net

.Net is an open-source component. One of the best features of .Net is dependency management. Indeed, if you are choosing .Net for web development, your app is probably one click away from the cloud.

  • PHP

One of the most popular web development tech stacks called ‘PHP’ is a server-side Scripting language created for app development. As PHP is server-side scripting, laravel is the best option for PHP.

  • Ruby

The name states itself- The Ruby. dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, & simple. Ruby is a pure general-purpose programming language. Except for the blocks, everything in Ruby is an object.

Frontend Backend & Database Technology


  • PostgreSQL

When it comes to web development & we’re talking about Databases, PostgreSQL is a powerful object-oriented database having 30+ years of active development experience. The database is assured with reliability, feature robustness & excellent performance.

  • MongoDB

MongoDB is the well-known NoSQL, open-source database. In NoSQL, No stands for ‘Non-relational’. MongoDB offers various mechanisms for the storage and retrieval of data. Big companies are using MongoDB to stream live data or migrate to the cloud in global pandemic situations.

  • MySQL

MySQL, last but not on the list. Its database is treated as a suit. The main principle of MySQL is to store, keep & retrieve information related to the specific query. It is a database component for web app development and is used to manage information in the technology stack.

How to choose the best Technology stack?

We’re living in a world of Technology, so we’re gifted with almost enormous options in every field. So, choosing the right technology stack is an important task while developing a successful digital software product. All projects can be distinguished based on their complexity, performance, scalability, Etc. Which will affect the choice of the technology stack. There are some key factors, based on that we can decide the appropriate technology stack.

  • Project Size

Starting from small-size projects, a simple stack like Python is more suitable. In the case of full-stack operation, React remains the best choice of all. Mid-size projects required a full technology stack like MEAN or MERN as the first option. Big-size projects need a well-arranged combination of useful technology stacks. It’s better to go with React or Angular with .Net core and combine them all with other tools and languages. Indeed, functionalities decide which technology stack is the best for your project.

Project Size vs Project Complexity
  • Time to Market

You have to figure out how much time you have before you launch the app. If the time span is less, then you must go for tools that help you in easy third-party integration. The quicker your tools help you, the less time your app development needs. The ideal option is MEAN as a technology stack while considering time to market.

  • Scalability

If you are doing it for your business, then you must measure the scale of success & find the scope of improvement in it. When it comes to scalability, it’s vital to choose a component that makes the situation a win-win. The best you can pick is Angular. With the scalability factor in mind, Angular is the one for your web development technology stack.

  • Development Time

You have to be punctual about how much time it takes to develop your next web application, especially when you are doing a startup. It attracts the audience to build trust & use your application again & again. Third-party integration plays an important role to save your development time. It will help to add functionality without writing it from scratch.

  • Development Cost

It’s not the case where each & every application will get success/failure. So considering that uncertainty, it’s better to choose web technology stacks that are popular & highly recommended in the global market. Developers ask for more, but it’s a good option rather than sitting & waiting for the right developer to come.

  • Security

Whether you’re writing a blog on your website or you are selling products on your website, security is the major point of concern. Considering the impact of security in web development, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using technology & tools that have no vulnerabilities. Use tools & services for static code analysis along with a monitoring system.

  • Verdict

Your web app success depends on your technology stack. So, you need to pick the best one that gives more clarity. You need to have a thorough understanding of each & every tool to get the best/ appropriate Tech stack for your web app.

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