April 15, 2024

Characteristics of an Effective SRS document

There’s an SRS, then there’s an excellence SRS. So, what is the difference between these two? Obviously, the characteristics. As we previously discussed an SRS document & how to write it. Here we’re going to discuss the characteristics that individual requirements should exhibit. In a technology- oriented world, every user ( developer, Product manager, Stakeholder) needs a functional requirement that would exhibit the qualities described in the below given sections.

Characteristics of Exceptional SRS

There are several things that a developer must look into in their SRS document while developing software. The quality of SRS documentation decides upon these characteristics. The main characteristics of an exceptional SRS are:

  • Meaningful qualities
  • Characteristics that meet goals
  • Identifiable requirements

Let’s have a deeper look at it.

Characteristics of effective SRS Diagram

Meaningful Qualities

Meaningful qualities draw a bigger picture for the developer. With this characteristic- the developer can easily understand the scope of the project.

  • Breakdown the problem

A better SRS document break down the problem so it can be solved easily. In this manner, you can concentrate on little parts of the documentation and make some strategies to tackle them swiftly.

  • Offers design input

A better design speaks better than any other format. So, your SRS should contain design elements to assist with implementation and deployment. Having the best design element makes SRS more worthy.

  • Include Validation strategies

To ensure requirements are stated correctly, validation strategies should be labelled as important. The function that we’re looking for is to rely on validation strategies.

  • Requirements as per importance

Whenever you’re doing any project or something else, the ranking system is crucial. Developers and stakeholders can easily figure out where the priorities lie.

  • Complete & Modifiable

You can measure the success/ failure of the project once it's completed, so completing it is the first priority. The final product is as concise as possible to promote understanding. It should also be easily modifiable to be responsible for feedback and changes.

Characteristics that meet goals

Each development project should have pre-aim goals and to fulfill them they have certain characteristics like:

  • Scope of work

A clear path is a must-achieve goal for the project. You’ve to find a different scope that ensures the project is on track. It gives a clear picture of a final product & how it looks like, how to achieve it easily.

  • Chance to review with stakeholders

Stakeholders are also a part of the system. Overall success counts only if the project manager & stakeholders agree upon it. Hence, confirmation or review from both sides is equally important.

  • Testing & Refining

It’s every developer’s goal to create software for testing & it has also gone through from refining. A good SRS will address the testing and refining of a software product.

  • Estimate cost

Having an estimation of cost is a plus thing while you’re focusing on building software. An SRS document is able to estimate the cost of operation, development, & deployment.

Identifiable requirement Smells

Similar to code smells, requirement smells are the indicators that show requirements smells are also problematic. SRS suggests developers look into these requirements & make necessary changes.

  • Ambiguous Adverbs and Adjectives

Ambiguous adverbs are mainly responsible for failures of the software project. But, there’s no standardized way to write ambiguous SRS documents and consistent requirements.

  • Subjective Language

SRS documentation should focus on the software product itself. SRS documents need to steer clear of subjective language and superlatives. A good SRS takes time and effort to create, but it’s worth it.

  • Negative Statements

As the use of negative statements doesn’t affect the correctness of test cases. Specifically, participants expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality. Hence, SRS documentation keeps it away.

Wrapping Up

You can get maximum out of anything, only if you are getting 100% of it. If your SRS document contains these characteristics that means you move to the next level in software development. For better software development, your first step is to create an exceptional SRS document. To write it, Blobstation is the best option you can get. Still have any confusion? Let’s get connected, we’ll solve everything.

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