April 15, 2024

A detailed guide to pick the best remote development team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

We all have gone through the worst phase of the COVID pandemic. When a pandemic kicks off, tech companies and startups are majorly worried about their productivity & business continuity. But it’s a blessing in disguise that as an integral part of tech companies, you just need a device and a suitable mindset. So, it turns out to be a win to win situation for tech companies & startups even in the global quarantine period. When the pandemic wasn’t around, almost 56% of companies globally allowed remote work. However, numbers of companies adopting remote working are increasing after the COVID pandemic. Generally, the tech world is ever-changing, as it updates with seconds. So, to find a long-lasting solution you have to hire some talented resources that can help you in any condition. There are two options to do it, one is going for freelancers, and another one is to extend your team. From your point of view, which one to choose? As per our thinking, this is the time when the remote development team comes into the picture. It can fill the gaps created by an in-house team. I.e. Domain expertise, talent pool & technical skills. Before going further, you need to understand how to hire a remote development team, how to hire remote developers & create a well-balanced IT staff augmentation.

How to hire a remote development team?

  • Suitable location & Time-zone

Due to technological advancement, you can hire developers from any corner of the world and enjoy comfortable collaboration. There are some preferable locations to easily hire remote developers for your team like Asia, South America, Eastern Europe. You need to compare time zones & average software development rates, to choose a suitable region and country.

  • Opt for the right Engagement model

The thing to consider while hiring a remote developer is to choose an appropriate engagement model. There are many ways to do it. But these 3 significant models make the software development process much easier by choosing the right engagement model for hiring developers.

Choosing the right engagement model for remote development
  • Retention engagement model

Here, you can hire a developer on a full-time basis. Hire dedicated developers from this engagement model to get the benefit of cost, quality, and flexibility.

  • Time & material Engagement model

It is an Ideal engagement model for long-term projects where it is tough to predict the end result at the initial stage. It is more sort of a “pay-as-you-go” type engagement model.

  • Project-based engagement model

You can likewise hire developers on account of project requirements. Most organizations hire developers through this model for small-scale projects.

  • Remote software developers hiring methodology

Staff Augmentation is not only about hiring a remote programmer but also an essential extension to your talented team. Here are some tips based on our client’s experience:

  1. Check their Skillset
  2. Know which advanced tools they are using
  3. Conduct Initial Interview rounds
  4. Focus on soft skills
  5. Arrange a technical round of interview
  6. Final Interview before hiring them

If a developer is shining through all these things, then he/she will be the best choice for the web development process.

  • Choose an ideal collaboration method.

When it comes to applying the methodology in the best way, Agile comes to our mind as first thought. Agile allows making the development process easier & efficient. Agile methodology likewise includes proper communication, Well-arranged project management & significant Scrum planning.

  • Treat a remote software team the same as an in-house team

It is vital to treat your remote team as an integral part of your organization. It creates a better working environment for them. Make sure that your developers have essential tools for communication, project management & progress tracking. Cohesive working of the remote team & in-house team means your half job is done.

  • Merge remote team & in-house team around company culture

Build a remote development team where developers can freely present their vision, influence critical decisions, and track all the updates. The goal of ‘ Freedom, trust & Transparency’-that leads organizations on the path of success.

Checklist of requisite things to extend remote development team

Necessary tools for a remote development team

“Strong problem needs strong tools.”

Necessary tools to developers are like swords to the warriors. Developers can make the development process much smoother With a full set of collaboration tools. In a few words, the complex project can be done with less hassle- if every member of the remote team is aware of much-needed tools for remote work. Many organizations use Freemium tools for high-quality output. Every tool has its own importance & functionality. Organizations are using Jira & GitHub respectively for project management & code creation. Some tools that mostly used in the market are:

  • Daily Sync-up
“Stand up to keep the meeting short.”

Daily sync-up is the foundation of your project’s progress. It’s a meeting, where every member of the team from Scrum master to developer can share their opinion. They can figure out the things that go the right way and need to be done continuously. As an organization, you can get the developer’s work updates every day through sync-up.

  • Track your productivity
“Productivity is everything! anywhere, at any point.”

If you are doing any kind of business, productivity is your first priority at any point. For evolving productivity, you can use tools to track the activities. You can make sure that every member of the remote development team is on the same page.

How to make a great product with a Remote Development Team?

Implement a project management system

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

In simple words, waking up early & covering lots of distance is not an ideal way to handle the project. It’s all about your project management capabilities. It gives remote teams to work flexibly at a convenient time. Flexible working implicit better concentration on work results in better performance, and higher productivity. If you are a part of an organization that works on E-commerce, Fintech, Education, transport, logistics or any domain-you need a project management tool. A tool that covers all the things from record track to productivity. The basic principle of using management tools is to bring all the developers under one page & measure the progress.

  • Streamlined documentation
“Documentation is a letter that you write to your future self.”

There are two types of documentation: Process Documentation & Product documentation. Proper documentation is the umbrella term that encloses all written documents dealing with software product development. Documentation exists to explain product functionality, combine project-related information, and give access for discussing all significant queries arising between stakeholders and remote developers. While finding a quick solution for industries like transport & logistics, documentation is necessary.

  • Create a goal for every remote developer
“You can solve any puzzle by arranging the pieces well.”

In this case, developers are the perfect pieces & you just have to arrange them in decent order. Creating a goal hierarchy for every developer encourages them to work with smart efforts & dedication. This all starts from-a decent distribution of work. In a case where organizations of real estate, education & e-commerce want to complete the development within the given timeframe, the developer’s dedication becomes crucial.

Why build-remote development teams with Blobstation?

At Blobstation, we help clients build the right team without operational overhead. The team is equally distributed across the project lifecycle and committed to delivering success by reducing hidden risks and costs. Our transparent IT augmentation collaboration model helps clients scale their development teams quickly and efficiently. If you’ve got a medium to a very complex project, then what you need is a partner that you can trust. A partner that has years of experience in this field. The one that has already delivered several complex projects in the past. You will get the developers that have worked on those projects. Blobstation will be your trusted outsourcing partner with the goal of a long-term relationship.

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