April 15, 2024

From the Idea to Success’ – Checklist For Product Launch

Imagine you’re throwing a party and you’ve so much work to do. What’s the first step you’ll do? you’ll create a checklist. Checklists are a very useful tool in every aspect whether it’s a party or it’s a product launch. Checklists have been proven effective to organize and manage tasks, error-less performance, and increase efficiency and productivity. It may sound simple but a checklist can make a huge impact on how you can ensure essential tasks get done.

Importance of checklist in Product launch

There are certain points that prove checklists are invaluable in software product launch. Product launch checklist helps you to get fully prepared to handle the unforeseen situation that could occur. It ensures that you remember every important step when you’re in the process of launching the product. Team gets benefited by using the product launch checklist. As all the team members have access to the checklist, it helps them work together to get the desired results. Product launch checklist breaks large projects into smaller tasks, to manage it effectively.

Although there are many tasks connected to the launching of a product, these tasks you must have in your checklist:

  • Time To Market Research

What’s your priority? Product launch. What’s your target? Audience. So, market research is the initial step you should take when launching a product. The simple way to do market research is to connect with a few prospective customers and know their actual pain points. You can also ask them about a product they wish was available in the market. After taking this information, you can create a buyer persona. A persona that reflects a target buyer’s profile.

  • Positioning Statement

The second step you need to take is to create a positioning statement. Your statement is clear enough to explain to your audience what it does and what it makes better than other products available in the market. Positioning statements define a few important details, such as describing your target audience, and finalizing the product category along with proof that your product is different.

  • Target Audience Consideration

Consider this step as an important step. You should definitely know what your target audience likes and doesn’t like. Definitely, you’re going to have more than one target group of customers & with a product launch you don’t want to limit your potential customers. In short, knowing your target audience means you can ensure you have the appropriate marketing assets for your product launch.

  • Gradual Rollout plan

Rollout is the process of building and refining your product over many iterations. So before launching your product make sure you have a gradual rollout plan for your product. The gradual rollout plan states that your product is distributed based on potential and skills. It starts with a smaller audience & gradually increases.

  • OKR for small Rollout

Objective key result. OKR is composed of the main two components, objective and key results. Defining your OKR is one of the most significant steps that you must have in your checklist. Before launching a product, you’ve aimed towards a goal that you want your product to achieve.


Our product will become a useful and mature platform solution

Key results

Result-1 : Our product gets 10,000+ Installs daily Result
Result-2 : Our product gets <50% Uninstall

  • Expand Rollout

Once you’ve done with your gradual rollout plan. Your product launching checklist includes the expanded rollout. This plan suggests that where you represent your product to a smaller audience and it succeeds then you’ve to think about how to expand it. Such a strategy can play a part in the product’s success or failure. Thus, it must be in your checklist to launch your product.

  • Evaluate Results

The final step you should take when launching a product is to evaluate the results. In some cases, you notice that your product isn’t getting the results you want. At that time you need to make some adjustments and changes to get better results. Make sure your goals are fulfilled that you set before the launch. For example, if your goal was to attract more audience and generate awareness and you accomplished that, your product is successful.

Final Words

Product launch checklists are more helpful and important than you think. Along with creating a checklist, you have to ensure that you implement it step-by-step. And this will make your product successful.

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