April 15, 2024

Important factors to consider while choosing the outsourcing partner for your next big project

Outsourcing is becoming the “new normal” especially with COVID teaching every one of us to work remotely. Outsourcing a project or a function of your business is beneficial for many reasons such as lack of skills in the local market,  big chunk of savings on cost, hiring & operations overhead etc. There are many reasons why outsourcing is best for your business but at the same time making small errors in picking the right outsourcing partner can lead to unavoidable situations.

Here are some key factors to consider when you decide to get an outsourcing partner.

  • Technical expertise

Technical skills and abilities to convert your requirements into deliverables are one of the most important factors to look at when choosing an outsourcing partner. Resources that work with you must have the expertise in the domain and its ecosystem. At blobstation, we have a pool of resources with technical skills at par with industry needs.

  • Communication

Communication is a key to success. Any offshore service provider should be able to clearly understand requirements and also able to promptly reply to answer your queries. During the day-to-day development phase, communication among all stakeholders be it managers, employees or consultants must be transparent and quick. At blobstation, all our resources are very well placed in the agile process with communication best practices and happy to answer any question you may have.

  • Pricing

The price is usually one of the major motivations behind the decision to outsource. But it should not be the only factor. Check with potential outsourcing partners regarding prices making sure no hidden charges. Clarify all doubts in the early stage rather than going into endless discussion in the closing stage. At Blobstation, we are very transparent with our offerings and the prices associated with them.

  • Management Team & Company Reputation

A good management team is the foundation of any company’s success. The resources you are looking to hire, and the team you want to work with for your business must have leaders who are experienced and well-versed in their roles. Try to find out about potential outsourcing partner’s leadership teams along with their past projects and clients. This will give assurance to your first step towards a big journey. At blobstation, our management team is experienced enough to tackle business challenges with the right motivation and attitude.

  • The SLA & IP agreement

The service level agreement is the most important document in an outsourcing partnership. Everything about the service requirements must be clearly defined and documented.  Along with SLA, signing an intellectual property agreement with non-disclosure clauses gives you protection over any conflict/confusion. Blobstation has a comprehensive SLA in place and believes in IP agreements upfront in the project initiation phase.

  • Flexibility

In the early stage of product development, there is always uncertainty and unpredictability regarding requirements, processes, resources etc. Having a rigid model in place can cut the wings to fly. So, flexibility is one of those factors which matters the most in the critical time of development phase. At Blobstation, we are always flexible and adaptable according to needs. We accommodate resource, technology or process-related changes that back the process for seamless excursion.

In a nutshell, By focusing on these key points, You are all set to form a high-performance team. Blobstation can help with the number of resources to extend your team to achieve your goals and objectives.

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