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Protects your private photos, videos & documents

Easily secure personal files by locking them down with password protection, FaceID and military-grade encryption

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Client Background

The client, driven by a commitment to data privacy and security, identified a gap in the market for a comprehensive mobile application that offered top-tier protection for personal files. With the proliferation of mobile devices and the increasing importance of digital privacy, the client saw an opportunity to develop an app that met these critical needs.


Safe Photos


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Empower Users to Safeguard Their Digital Assets Securely

The primary opportunity presented by Safe Photos was to provide individuals with a robust and user-friendly solution for securing their private photos, videos, and documents. This app aims to offer peace of mind through advanced security features and military-grade encryption.


Safe Photos: A Fortified Digital Vault

Safe Photos incorporated a range of features to ensure the highest level of data security and privacy for users. Here are five key features with one-liner subheadings:

Secure Folder Organization

Effortlessly organize and categorize your sensitive files into separate, secure folders.

Multi-Layered Protection

Enhanced security with password protection, Face ID, and military-grade encryption for each individual folder.

Master Password

A master password at the app's core ensures an additional layer of security, preventing unauthorized access.

Quick Access

Conveniently access protected folders with Face ID or a password, keeping your personal files readily available to you.

File Backup

Backup your important files directly within the app to ensure they're safe and easily recoverable.

Student Profiles

Each student created a profile within the portal, detailing their academic qualifications, preferences, and aspirations.

Program Database

The portal contained an extensive database of international study programs, with detailed information on each program's prerequisites, content, and benefits.

Advance Search and Marketing

A robust search and filtering system allowed students and agents to narrow down program options based on criteria such as course duration, location, tuition fees, and specific academic requirements.

Recommendation Engine

The portal incorporated an intelligent recommendation engine that analyzed each student's profile and preferences to suggest suitable programs.

Application Management

The portal provided a streamlined application process, assisting students in submitting applications to chosen programs directly.

Comprehensive Data Inputs

The app allowed users to input a diverse array of data, including market research, competitor analysis, projected market growth, cost estimates, and more.

Advanced Analytics

Cutting-edge analytics and algorithms processed the data inputs, providing users with detailed insights and visualizations.

Scenario Planning

Users could explore various scenarios and hypotheses to assess the potential outcomes of different product investment decisions.

Financial Modeling

The app incorporated robust financial modeling tools to calculate ROI and NPV, helping businesses gauge the financial viability of new products.

Collaborative Workspace

Teams could collaborate within the app, sharing data, insights, and recommendations, streamlining the decision-making process.

Property Listings

A vast database of real estate listings, complete with detailed property information, high-quality images, and virtual tours.

Interactive Maps

Integration of interactive maps for visualizing property locations and nearby amenities.

Lead Generation

Tools for capturing leads, enabling potential buyers and renters to express interest in properties they liked.

Agent Profiles

Profiles of Batbatian's experienced agents, fostering trust and transparency.

Responsive Design

A mobile-responsive design to ensure seamless access and usability across various devices.

Market Expansion Strategy

A tailored strategy was developed to expand LemonJelly's market presence in North America, including targeted marketing efforts and localization.

User Experience Enhancement

The team conducted a thorough site audit to identify areas for improvement. Based on the audit report, a structured action plan was created, focusing on enhancing the website's user experience.

Technical Foundation Improvements

The initial phase involved addressing fundamental issues such as page speed optimization, CSS/JS normalization, and sitemap enhancements to improve the site's technical foundation.

E-commerce Enhancements

A crucial aspect of the solution was to optimize the e-commerce aspects, specifically improving the product pages' attractiveness and informativeness.

Client TrueMOSO Web App Development
Analytics Integration

Google Analytics was seamlessly integrated to gather insights into visitor behavior, user acquisition channels, and reporting. This data-driven approach enabled data-informed decision-making.

Effortless Booking

Customers could book courier services in under two minutes, minimizing the time and effort required.

Real-time Quotations

Dynamic pricing calculations based on location, package type, weight, and quantity ensured accurate and competitive quotations.

Driver Assignment

A built-in system allowed for seamless assignment of pickup tasks to available drivers, optimizing resource allocation.

Order Tracking

Customers and drivers had real-time visibility into the status and location of courier orders, enhancing transparency.

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications kept customers and drivers informed about order status updates, ensuring smooth coordination.

Our Process
Following agile methodology with a scrum framework, the development of the application was relatively seamless. Having clients always in sync with the tech team on a day-to-day basis, the feedback cycle was very short and agile. The project was delivered on time and within budget.
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Development Methodology
Blobstation has followed an Agile development methodology. Daily scrum meetings to discuss things which are done, in progress and blocked if any. Also weekly sprint meetings to decide on the upcoming week’s scope. The tech lead also presented a demo every end of the sprint to give the progress report and collect early feedback.
The project started with UI/UX for the first two weeks. One dedicated designer worked very closely with a client representative to work on flow. In parallel, two backend developers started building the foundation for the project core logic. Two frontend developers worked in sync with backend developers to integrate the proposed UI/UX. One project manager used to keep track of tasks and the time taken to complete them.
Engagement Model
Here, we followed the time and material engagement model. We used the JIRA project management tool for issue tracking.
The project took two and half months to complete which included UI/UX, development, quality assurance and deployment.
Upon successful testing and client approval, we proceed to deploy the app to the relevant app stores, making it accessible to your audience.

Developing Safe Photos with Blobstation was a delight. Their attention to detail and commitment to security impressed us. The result is a top-notch app that our users trust.


What's Next

“The Safe Photos mobile application exemplified the client's commitment to digital privacy and data security, offering a robust solution for individuals seeking to protect their private photos, videos, and documents.”

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